Our underwater studio is also for hire. We offer the perfect location for underwater shoots. Just like in an ordinary studio, we work with various different backgrounds and lamps that can easily be placed in and around the pool. So whether you are looking for a blue, green or even pink underwater atmosphere, it’s all possible. We have a shallower area (1.5m deep) where you can stand and take portraits easily. And there is a deeper area (1.9m) that provides for more action. As it is an outdoor studio, it can be used from roughly April until the end of September.

Ahead of your shoot, we will discuss your plans in detail, as well as how we can help you make them reality. So everything runs smoothly once we get in the water. If you need more assistance, either in or out of the water, you can hire us for that too.

The studio is available for rent in 3-hour blocks – ask for our prices and terms and conditions.

Do you have any questions or ideas? Please feel free to let us know.